Orchestrate OpenStack services

Control nodes deployment

Next you can deploy basic services:

  • keepalived - this service will set up virtual IP on controllers
  • rabbitmq
  • GlusterFS server service
salt 'ctl*' state.sls keepalived,rabbitmq,glusterfs.server.service

Now you can deploy Galera MySQL and GlusterFS cluster node by node.

salt 'ctl01*' state.sls glusterfs.server,galera
salt 'ctl02*' state.sls glusterfs.server,galera
salt 'ctl03*' state.sls glusterfs.server,galera

Next you need to ensure that GlusterFS is mounted. Permission errors are ok at this point, because some users and groups does not exist yet.

salt 'ctl*' state.sls glusterfs.client

Finally you can execute highstate to deploy remaining services. Again, run this node by node.

salt 'ctl01*' state.highstate
salt 'ctl02*' state.highstate
salt 'ctl03*' state.highstate

Compute nodes deployment

Simply run highstate (better twice):

salt 'cmp*' state.highstate

Dashboard and support infrastructure

Web and metering nodes can be deployed by running highstate:

salt 'web*' state.highstate
salt 'mtr*' state.highstate

On monitoring node, get needs to setup first:

salt 'mon*' state.sls git
salt 'mon*' state.highstate